Invoice & Statements Layout

Upgrading to REPX


At the release of Practice Management 10 we have introduced a new format of Invoice and Statement layouts called REPX.  REPX enhances the management of invoice narrations, allowing for more consistency and for layouts that are truly WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). Once REPX layouts are activated, individual invoices and statements can be emailed using Outlook.  

Layout Considerations

Now is an opportune time to review your invoice and statement layouts to ensure they fully support the practice’s requirements.  To avoid unnecessary customisation costs to re-apply your current layouts into REPX, why not consider selecting one of our standard layouts?  You will be able to apply your company logos to the layouts by using the new reporting design tool.  

Here are some key items to consider and review:

  • Clearly define your credit policy and communicate this internally and externally;
  • Payment Terms – recommended to use 14 or 7 days to ensure you get better cash flow;
  • The following items are recommended to be clearly visible on your invoice:
    • Due Date of payment clearly displayed, or at the very least Payment Terms
    • Payment Options  - do you offer the following on the remittance:
      • Cash
      • Cheque
      • Credit Card
      • Direct Debit
      • BPay
      • Finance/Instalment Option - ideal for payment plans greater than 60 days
  • The statement layout should be reviewed where you have payment terms of 14 or 7 days to remove the traditional current, 30, 60, 90 day balances, and simply show the breakdown of total due and overdue amounts.
  • Do you need to review design if printing on pre-printed paper, to have an email version that includes embedded information if sending electronically?
  • If you have multiple entities, consider sending out a consolidated statement with all outstanding debt by entity.
  • Consider replacing hard coded information with information defined on the ‘Entity’ details page, e.g. bank account details, on the invoice or statement layout. This will provide greater flexibility for future changes.

Review Standard Layouts

We have two Invoice layouts for you to choose from, the difference between the 2 is the location of the  remittance footer on multiple page invoices. (see the samples provided)

The layouts include all the optimal features available including samples of various payment options such as the Fee Synergy online payment portal.

Minor customisation design changes, such as adding your company logo or removing payment methods not required, can be done using the new invoice designer tool provided with PM 11.

If your requirements are more customised than that, please let us know by completing the ‘require assistance’ section.

Pre-printed Stationary

Using the same layout for emails and printing will eliminate the need for pre-printed stationary, provide consistency, and reduce confusion.

However, if you do intend using pre-printed stationary for your printed layouts, the logo can be hidden when printed.

Images and Embedded Fonts
Images and Embedded fonts are the largest contributors to size. When designing Invoices and Statements for both print and email purposes, consider:

  • Images should be the lowest possible file size (determined by resolution, compression quality and no of colours) while still delivering acceptable quality. Often a well manipulated image can look virtually identical and be a fraction of the size. A guideline would be to keep letterhead sized images below 60k and smaller images below 15k.
  • Choose the minimum number of fonts in your designed Invoice / Statement that you can get away with. A single font can add as much as 100k of additional size to each generated PDF (and therefore email).


Step 1: What configuration is required to make REPX work?

Details coming soon.




Customising your Invoices and Statements

This course explains how to customise your invoices and statements as part of Practice Management 11.


How to add images

This course explains how to customise your invoices and statements as part of Practice Management 11.


How to add property fields

This course explains how to customise your invoices and statements as part of Practice Management 11.


Where more complex changes to the invoice or statement layouts are required, these changes will need to be performed by our Technical team and will be charged at standard rates.    See the ‘Request assistance page’ to request your changes.

Checklist of what information is needed on initial request.

New layout
  • Example Template the layout is basing the customisation on.
  • Sections requiring changes to the example template, a PDF copy of where the changes are to be made.
  • Spec document detailing all other information that is needed to complete the request. i.e. do you have special naming conventions, how is the BPay ref to be calculated etc.
Changes to an existing layout
  • If your Practice has multiple Entities and has multiple layouts, then we need the Invoice Object value of that layout being changed; i.e. adInvoice2 as shown below using a Test Entity.
  • A PDF of the current layout showing the changes by number and the spec document with the numbered items detailing the changes.
  • Spec document detailing all other information that is needed to complete the request. i.e. do you have special naming conventions, how is your BPay ref is calculated etc.

Details within the Customisation request

Pre-printed stationery
  • If this is not achievable, a faxed or PDF copy with actual measurements on where letterheads/logos, perforations and fields are, as some faxes/PDF’s can print slightly out.
  • Where a logo is embedded in the invoice or statement layout, a file of the image is required; preferably in .BMP or .JPEG format. The image provided MUST BE the size required to appear on the document.
  • Where you may have specific measurement requirements, please provide a PDF of the layout with measurements on where certain items need to be. (Placement of the various fields to be measured from the Left (or Right) and Top (or Bottom) of the page).
  • The default font for the narration in Advance Invoices is MS San Serif - 8 pt. This can be changed in the SUPS settings to what the client would like. Any other headings or fields can also be changed to different fonts and should be specified in the spec document or VMWare service request.
  • Where the font is a custom font for the client, we do require the font file to install for testing and to ensure we have covered all fields requiring the particular font.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be ready to configure Bulk correspondence before upgrading my templates?

No, you can move to REPX invoice and statements to take advantage of the new formatting in Standard Narrations and change the look of your invoices when printing, as well as configuring the layout for emailing your invoices one at a time.

Can I send invoices and statements to multiple emails at the same time?

Yes, although you can only select one email field to be use for bulk correspondence, you can set it up as a ‘multi instance’ field, which means you can add multiple emails to that one field.  Ensure that you add the additional email as another record.

In what format is the invoice and statement sent by email?

Invoices and statements will be sent as 1 attached PDF document to the nominated email field.   If the same entity has 2 different Invoices, the Invoices will be sent as separate PDF attachments in 2 separate email, (there is no function to combine multiple PDF attachments to 1 email).

Request Assistance

Follow the link below to request assistance. Before you begin, please take special note of the Terms and Conditions below.

Terms and Conditions

  • Please allow 4-6 weeks lead time for the change requested, assuming all required information has been provided.