Practice IQ 10.1

Upgrade to the latest reporting tool for your practice.

Practice IQ 10.1 Overview

Using Practice IQ in conjunction with the other APS products has always been a powerful platform for ‘Practice Insights’. This theme continues with the latest version of PIQ.

PIQ 10.1 combines the traditional rich content and flexibility of a full data warehousing, reporting and analytics solution, with new exciting features to ensure everyone inside or outside a practice can benefit from insights derived from available data.

The evolution of PIQ has seen real focus on combining data sets to fully understand a position, be it for an individual client, staff member, team or the firm as a whole. We are continually looking for better ways to deliver content to ensure that it is relevant, up-to-date and in formats fit for purpose.

Insights can be available for all, whether it be every day access to a staff dashboard, consolidated client detail, running team meetings from group/team formats, extensive ad-hoc data investigations using built-in analytic structures or mobile access and analysis through Power BI. PIQ is the complete solution for delivering to all levels of a business.

Steps to upgrade


Check pre-requisites

It is imperative that you check the pre-requisites before you request an upgrade.

Note: There is a requirement for direct remote connections (RDP, VPN) for the installation. Deployment, testing and follow-ups take longer when using Go-To-Meeting or Teamview connections and so may incur additional cost.

If you are unsure whether you meet the pre-requisites, please log a support call via the portal or via and ask our Support Team to review your pre-requisites for PIQ10.1.


Understand the upgrade

Installation cost for Practice IQ 10.1

The cost to install Practice IQ10.1 is $1,500.00 exclusive of GST. The following is included in the cost.
  • Side by side deployment as to not affect any existing PIQ version or business operations in general.
  • Deployment of the Incremental update solution if required.
  • Minor configuration items to fit your requirements (i.e. custom Util % calculations), although large customisations will need to be scoped and quoted separately.
  • A one hour handover Q&A session.
  • The removal of the old version once you are ready to discontinue its use and have rolled out PIQ 10.1 to all users.

Main differences between PIQ10.1 and previous versions

  • All PIQ components are deployed together (no longer a modular installation process i.e. Core / Tax / Workflow / etc).
  • OWC (online pivot component) used in previous versions of PIQ is a Microsoft component that is no longer supported. Upgrade to PIQ10.1 mitigates this risk by replacing these with Excel templates connected to your PIQ data.
  • PIQ10.1 is browser independent (no longer restricted to just IE).
  • No client (user) side install components required with PIQ10.1 (OLAP Drivers etc.).
  • Extensive suite of “out-of-the-box” dashboards targeted to all levels of the organisation.
  • Dashboards can be customised (by Reckon) at request to swap out measures with others that exist in your PIQ solution.
  • Incremental update of PIQ data enabled where required to allow for more regular data updates.
  • Introduction of Power BI Templates and supporting reporting layers.
  • Specialised data sets for Client 360 Analysis, XPA Benchmarking and Practice KPIs.

Please read the documentation and ensure you understand it.

Package includes all the documentation

Supporting videos for the team: Explore in more depth

The following supporting how-to videos are listed on our Training Academy. You can access the Academy with your existing account or create a new account.

We advise that any team member involved with the PIQ10.1 upgrade and deployment project should have viewed all of these videos before attending the one hour handover Q&A session as part of the upgrade.


PIQ Overview & User Guide

PIQ enables practices to generate up to the minute reports on any predefined performance indicator.


PIQ Dashboards

This course provides instruction on what’s available with the extensive suite of Practice IQ (PIQ) Dashboards.


PIQ Workflow Analysis

This session provides instruction on what’s available within the PIQ Workflow solution. 


PIQ - Working in Excel Adhoc Reporting

This guide provides instruction on how to connect to and work with Practice IQ (PIQ) data and structures through Excel.


PIQ - Administrator Guide

This guide provides instruction on how to administer PIQ 10.


How-to videos on Practice IQ

Practice IQ - Business intelligence tool that provides online firm-wide performance reports.


Request a date for the upgrade

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Upgrade Terms & Conditions

  • There is an installation cost for Practice IQ 10.1 at $1,500.00 excl. GST.
  • Remote connection details have been provided for the installation.
  • This is a side by side deployment of your existing version of PIQ and will not affect business operations during the installation. We will remove the old version once you are ready to discontinue its use and have rolled out PIQ 10.1 to all users.
  • Minor configuration items to fit your requirements can be accommodated (i.e. custom Util %calculation), although large customisations will need to be scoped and quoted for separately.
  • Billing will commence after deployment of the solution, and will include a Q&A session and decommissioning of older versions scheduled for a time to fit the Practice needs.